Road & Bridge

Our primary function is maintaining and the safety of all Roads and Bridges in the county Road District.

Our primary function is maintaining and the safety of all Roads and Bridges in the county Road District. In District #1 we have 2 Shops, one in Murphy and one in Pleasant Valley. The Murphy Shop has a staff of 3 people.

With winter conditions we keep all bus routes plowed and sanded, the bus routes will be done first and then the roads in the valley will be next. When the weather permits we grade roads and haul gravel, we also do any major equipment repairs in the winter. During the winter, all high mountain rRoads are closed due to snow. The Silver City road will be opened by Memorial Day Weekend.

The second shop in Pleasant Valley. This shop is located 6 Miles South East of Jordan Valley Or. On the South Mtn. Road. The winter conditions in Pleasant Valley keep some of the upper roads closed until Spring, we have 1 man at the Pleasant Valley shop. He keeps the bus routes open and keeps the roads graded when weather conditions permit.

Owyhee county Road District also does all of our Seal coating, We have a Chipspreader and Pneumatic Roller and we will do between 20 to 30 miles of seal coating most years.


We are current planning to do some more Asphalt on the Silver City Road, We have 2 bridges scheduled for replacement this Summer Every year we schedule a 2 week gravel hauling project for the Pleasant Valley Shop.


Murphy shop we have 2 Road Graders, 1 Dump Truck with Pup Trailer, 1 Semi Tractor with a Belly Dump, Low Boy Trailer and Water Trailer, 1 Backhoe, 1 Loader, 1 Steel Drum Roller, 1 Broom and a Weed Mower. At pleasant Valley shop we have 2 road graders, 2 dump trucks with pup Trailers, 1 water truck, 1 snowplow and sander truck and 1 loader. Equipment can be moved to different areas as needed from either shop.


Owyhee County Highwy Standards & Development Policy

Owyhee Highway Standards

0wyhee County Transportation Plan


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 128
Murphy, ID 83650

Monday – Thursday
6:30am – 5:00pm

Emergency Phone: 208-495-1154

Road Supervisor, District #1
Phil Rittenhouse
Phone: 208-495-1170

Road Supervisor, District #3
Travis Jewett
Phoone: 208-834-2012

Shop Phone Numbers:
Murphy (District #1): 208-495-1170
Pleasant Valley (District #1): 208-583-2536
Bruneau (District #3): 208-845-2746
Grand View (District #3): 208-834-2012