Society and the individuals within it are adversely affected by crime.  The County Prosecutor is part of a law enforcement team that helps to enforce and uphold the law.  Prosecutors, along with their partners in law enforcement and in the judicial system, are needed to protect and serve our communities. Criminal laws must be enforced in an ethical and constitutional manner while still securing the dignity of crime victims and upholding the personal liberties of the accused.

At the Office of Owyhee County Prosecuting Attorney, we are committed to protecting the dignity of crime victims and in seeing that those perpetrating crimes are properly dealt with in the manner prescribed by law.



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Phone: 208-495-1153

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Christopher Topmiller

Senior Legal Assistant

Abby DeLeon

Junior Legal Assistant

Janet DeLeon

Victim Witness Coordinator

Jennifer Maund
(208) 495-1154 ext. 158