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Owyhee County is developing a Master Facilities Plan to establish proactive strategies for future County facilities, services, and finances while planning for growth. Facility user feedback is an important part of this process. If you’ve recently visited a County facility–whether you’re a resident, business, or an occasional visitor–your feedback is welcome!

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August 1, 2023

Angela Barkell
County Clerk

Owyhee County Master Facilities Plan Process Engages Citizens Committee

MURPHY — The Citizens Committee of Owyhee County, formed as a component of the County’s Master Facilities and Comprehensive Financial Plan initiatives, convened its inaugural meeting on June 12th. The Committee consists of County residents and business owners. During the initial gathering, the Committee learned the current conditions of the County’s departments and corresponding facilities and or land (17 total) and immediate space needs. The Committee’s objective is to disseminate these findings to the community, gather input, and contribute to the ongoing process.

The Clearwater Financial and Insight Architects consultant team presented their findings derived from on-site assessments of the County facilities, 15 County official and staff interviews, and a comprehensive operational analysis of departments and interdepartmental operations.

The meeting encompassed a tour of various departments and offices situated at the Murphy campus, including those housed in the Courthouse, Sheriff facilities, and stand-alone buildings. To account for the considerable distance between County facilities, Committee members were provided with videos of over a dozen other County department locations ahead of the meeting.

Additionally, the consulting team presented a summary of their facility and operational assessments that highlighted findings such as:

  • The Courthouse, (1936) was constructed robustly and can be renovated if necessary.
  • Multiple County facilities suffer from inadequate and inequitable workspaces, parking facilities, and security measures.
  • The County jail is nearing capacity and will necessitate expansion.
  • Establishing a Sheriff’s satellite location near CJ Strike could enhance emergency response times and services.
  • The coroner, currently located in the Marsing DMV office, lacks sufficient space for private meetings, and evidence storage.
  • Covered storage locations would add protection from the elements and improve equipment use expectancy.

County Clerk Angela Barkell emphasized the significance of documenting facility conditions and needs and conducting annual reviews to effectively prioritize and serve the public in the current and future needs.

Furthermore, community stakeholders, including representatives from other public agencies, service providers, major employers, and community groups, were interviewed. Participants expressed their belief that the County is responsibly managing taxpayer funds and making diligent efforts despite budget constraints. Some common acknowledgements included:

  • Insufficient space for public hearings, waiting areas, and parking at various facilities.
  • Recent upgrades at the Fairgrounds have provided necessary space for youth activities.
  • The need for full-time employees and consistent operating hours at County offices.
  • Workforce recruitment challenges for both the County and other stakeholder entities.

The subsequent steps in the process will incorporate future demographic projections and consider various facility scenario options along with estimated costs followed by the Comprehensive Financial Plan phase. Together, these documents will offer long-term strategic guidance for future facility planning and budgetary decisions. Both phases are estimated to be completed by January 2024.

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Owyhee Avalanche
Jon Brown, Managing Editor

Mountain Home News
Joy Martinez, Editor

May 9, 2023

Owyhee County Begins Master Facilities Plan Process

MURPHY — Owyhee County kicked off the initial phase of a Master Facilities Plan Process and Comprehensive Financial Plan process that will help guide future planning and budgeting for County facilities. The Idaho-based consulting team of Clearwater Financial and Insight Architects, along with County staff, toured eight facilities from Murphy and Homedale to assess existing building and mechanical systems conditions as well as space utilization.

This initial step is part of a multi-phase process that will also include a Comprehensive Financial Plan. Together, the two documents will provide long-term strategic guidance for future facility and budgeting decisions.

In addition, the team surveyed and interviewed key County staff and officials to evaluate future needs for all County departments. Population projections, anticipated service demands, and public service delivery trends will also be considered in estimating future needs. The assessment visits and other findings will be used to evaluate if existing facilities are able to be renovated or expanded or if constructing new facilities may be more cost-effective to meet future space needs. Immediate facility, service, and technological needs will be prioritized.

The tours highlighted that some facilities have minor space challenges and are in need of technological upgrades, while others such as the County courthouse, which dates back to 1936, may require improvements to meet code requirements for public facilities.

“Our facilities are aging, and we need adequate space for the public and staff, as well as storage for required equipment and things related to official county business,” said Commissioner Merrick. “Idaho is one of the fastest growing states in the nation, we’re the second largest county in the state, and we need to be proactive in planning for our future. This process will allow us to plan and budget to ensure facilities and funds are in place to deliver uninterrupted services to County residents and businesses well into the future.”

Both plans will align with the County’s Comprehensive Plan goals for public services and facilities. The County anticipates release of findings and consultant recommendations in early 2024.
County Clerk Angie Barkell stressed the importance of staff involvement. “As the primary contact with the public, staff understands community needs specific to their departments and how to best deliver services.” She added “Having these plans in place will ensure future delivery of public services even as County officials and staff change over time. These plans will also help to ensure that Owyhee County is utilizing tax pay funds for the best interest of our citizens.”

To learn more about the Master Facility and Comprehensive Planning projects, visit Master Facilities Plan & Comprehensive Financial Plan – Owyhee County Idaho


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