Where the victim of a crime has suffered a loss, we attempt, when possible, to obtain an order for restitution. Under Idaho law, economic loss includes, “the value of property taken, destroyed, broken or otherwise harmed, and direct out-of-pocket losses or expenses”.

Restitution is a reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses and is paid by the defendant. According to state law, the victim is entitled to an order of restitution unless it is deemed undesirable or inappropriate by the Judge, in which case an order stating the reason for the denial must be issued.

Restitution is usually made in monthly payments that are based on the defendant’s ability to pay. The defendant will be ordered to send payments to the Owyhee County Clerk, and the clerk in turn will issue you a check and forward the payment to the victim.

Should the defendant be sent to the penitentiary, the parole board will decide if restitution is appropriate upon the defendant’s release.

A Restitution Statement should be filled out and returned to the Prosecutors Office.


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