Master Facilities Plan and Comprehensive Financial Plan Process

Owyhee County is currently conducting a Master Facilities Plan (MFP) and Comprehensive Financial Plan (CFP) multi-phase process that will provide an assessment of existing facilities, a forecast of facility needs over the next 20 years, and a long-term financial plan to help the County meet these needs. The project kicked off in January 2023 and is expected to be finalized in early 2024. Findings from both Plans will ensure prudent resource allocation polices are in place to implement recommendations and will help ensure that Owyhee County is utilizing tax pay funds for the best interest of its citizens.

These long-range planning efforts will align with goals identified in the County’s Comprehensive Plan and offer findings and recommendations that can be updated annually and as conditions change. A variety of solutions will be evaluated to provide current and future County officials and staff with the flexibility to determine the best course of action. Together, these proactive efforts will help plan for future needs and ensure resources are in place for consistent delivery of public services.

Master Facilities Plan

The process begins with on-site assessments of existing conditions and current space utilization where key buildings are identified, toured, and related staff members are interviewed. Assessments will evaluate facilities to determine general conditions and ability to be renovated or remodeled.

Identified facility needs will be evaluated along with population projections, anticipated service demands, and public service delivery trends to determine immediate and future needs.

  • Collective results will be reported, and the consulting team will deliver recommendations to:
  • Meet immediate needs for service delivery
  • Ensure facilities meet conditions required by law for public facilities
  • Ensure the preservation of viable facilities through maintenance, repair, and technological upgrades
  • Address long-term facility needs, using preliminary cost estimates and comparative evaluations

Comprehensive Financial Plan

The purpose of this Plan is to analyze County general fund and enterprise fund revenues, historical operating costs, and future projected revenues and expenditures to ensure the County has a strong financial plan for future facility needs the Master Facility Plan reveals.

During this process, the following activities will take place:

  • Forecast future revenues and expenses, using multiple economic projections
  • Report current financial health of the County and recommendations for improvement
  • Review financial, banking, and investment policies and propose updates where needed
  • Funding and implementation options, including ongoing operations and maintenance costs, for identified future capital improvements


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