Idaho Law gives the County Commissioners the authority to operate a jail. The commissioners give the authority to run the jail to the Sheriff. The first jail was in Silver City. It was later moved to Murphy when the courthouse was moved. In 1992 the new and current jail was built in Murphy.

The records show that the first person to be arrested in Owyhee County was in 1891 for Assault. That prisoner later escaped and a $50.00 reward was put out on him. One of the records only shows that ‘5 Indians’ were arrested but does not show what for. Records show that they served about 8 months’ time. There were 12 people arrested during 1891. During 2019 there were 540 people arrested in Owyhee County and incarcerated for 11,857 prisoner days. Amazingly there were 7 murderers arrested in the first 5 years of the jail’s operation. In looking over these records and the crimes committed it is safe to say life is a lot safer in Owyhee County now than 100 years ago.

When the current jail was built it was done so with the future in mind. There is room for 40 bunks. Because Owyhee County does not fill all of those, we rent out the beds to other counties and the state of Idaho. In 2019, I brought over $284,000.00 into the county general fund for rented space. Because of that I can hold Owyhee County prisoners for a fraction of the cost of other counties.

Since the new jail was built, every year we have passed the Jail Inspection requirements for the State of Idaho. These are rules set up by the Idaho Sheriff’s Association to keep the Counties out of litigation, to operate the jails safely and to provide the care that inmates are allowed by law. There are only a few of the Idaho Counties that pass this certification.

Owyhee County employees 9 full time Detention Officers. There are also 6 full time and 1 part time Dispatchers. Because of the design of the jail both the Detention Officer’s and Dispatcher are running the jail, which is, another cost saving to the County.

Inmate meals are served 3 times a day and the inmates must be offered 2,500 calories a day. Inmates are also allowed to purchase certain commissary items if they have money. Inmates are used to clean, cook and do minor maintenance to the jail. This keeps costs to the county down by not having to hire a cook or custodian.

VINE, the automated victim notification system provides survivors, victims of crime, and other concerned citizens
access to reliable information regarding changes in offender custody status. www.vinelink.com


Visitation is completed through video kiosks. To schedule a visit contact CTEL @ 877-998-5678 or www.inmatesales.com

-Visitors must create an account prior to visiting.

-Visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

-Visits can not be scheduled more than a week in advance.

-Visits can be conducted from the kiosks located in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office or at home on a computer or smart phone.

IMPORTANT: If an inmate is assigned to Disciplinary Segregation, they will not be permitted visits with the exception of attorney and clergy.


The phone provider used at the jail is CTEL. To deposit money into an inmate’s phone account contact CTEL by calling 877-998-5678 or online at www.inmatesales.com

Inmates also have the opportunity to rent a text/communication device. The inmate will be required to fill out a contract prior to being assigned one of the devices. Once assigned a device family and friends are the only ones who can fund this device. To put funds on those accounts, contact CTEL.


There are two ways to deposit money to an inmate’s account:

-In person- A kiosk at the Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office accepts deposits using cash and Visa/debit cards.

-Online- Contact CTEL at 877-to make a secure payment to their phone accounts.

Contact JAILATM to make a payment to their commissary accounts at jailatm.com

*Phones/Communication devise/visiting kiosks-

CTEL support call 1-877-998-5678 or www.inmatesales.com

You may also bring in or mail a money order to the jail. Checks are not accepted and we do not recommend sending cash thru the mail.


Inmates may receive written letters and standard photographs. All mail will be scanned and sent to a video kiosk for them to view. The mail will then be placed in their property. Polaroid photographs, stamps, envelopes, and other forwarded items are not allowed. Mail or publications containing images or depictions of sexual situations, nudity, or sexual acts are prohibited. In addition, mail cannot contain:

-Intimidating or harassing statements

-gang-related writings or drawings

-Plans that violate state, local, federal laws, or jail rules.

-Letters from other incarcerated inmates. (Unless approved prior by the jail Administration.)

At the discretion of jail staff, mail or publications containing unauthorized referenced or material may be refused, confiscated, placed in the inmate’s property or returned to the sender.


20381 State Highway 78

Murphy, Idaho 83650



PO Box 128

Murphy, ID 83650


If you are reporting to the Owyhee County Jail to serve jail time, you must have a valid picture ID card.  We also ask that you bring a copy of your court commit paperwork.

The Owyhee County Jail charges $25 a day for Owyhee County charges or Owyhee County residents with a $500 limit.  We ask that you bring jail fees with you when you check in.

Out of county court commits are at the discretion of the jail commander. Please call ahead to schedule.


The only items that will be accepted at the Owyhee County Jail will be – prescribed medications, reading/prescription glasses, money orders, legal papers from attorneys, and approved religious items.  Books will be mailed to the jail in new condition and must be shipped direct from a retailer (i.e. Walmart, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble).

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Data Review for Corrective Action-

In compliance with Section 115.87 of the PREA standards, the Owyhee County Jail has reviewed data collected and aggregated in order to access and improve the effectiveness of its sexual abuse prevention, detection, and response polices, practices, and training, including:

-Identifying problem areas;

-Taking corrective action on an ongoing basis; and

-Preparing an annual report of its finding and corrective actions

In compliance with Section 115.88 of the PREA standards, the Owyhee County Jail has prepared an annual report and aggregated data, which are available at the links below:






 What is PREA?

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) establishes a zero-tolerance standard against sexual assaults and rapes of inmates.

PREA sets the standard that protects Eighth Amendment rights of federal, state, and local prisoners, making the prevention of sexual assault a top priority.  It also increases available data on such acts.

The Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office is committed to a zero-tolerance standard and supports the prosecution of persons who commit acts of sexual misconduct and sexual assault in its facility.  The Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office has developed uniform guidelines and procedures to reduce the risk of in-custody sexual assaults and sexual misconduct.

You can learn more about PREA at the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission website.  https://www.prearesourcecenter.org/about/prison-rape-elimination-act-prea”

 PREA Reporting Form:  

If you were the victim of a sexual assault while in custody, or if you know of an incident that occurred while you were in our facility, we urge you to report it by calling 495-1154 and asking to speak to a jail supervisor.  Your anonymity will be protected.  If you fail to report an incident, you could be found to have acted with deliberate indifference towards the victim’s health and/or safety.  If you file a false report it could result in criminal charges.

All reported incidents will be investigated.

If you have any further questions, please call (208) 495-1154 ext. 102

 Attention Friends and Family of Inmates

If you have reason to believe your incarcerated friend or family member may be at risk, or possibly the victim, of abuse or harassment in the Owyhee County Jail you can report this as a 3rd party to Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office by: • Tell a Staff Member or Deputy, in person or by telephone. • Write a letter to the Sheriff’s Office (PO Box 128 Murphy Idaho, 83650)

Inform another local Law Enforcement Agency (Canyon County Sheriff’s Office) –No report will be overlooked– §115.22 – Policies to Ensure Referrals of Allegations for Investigations.

The Owyhee County Jail will ensure that an investigation is completed for all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

The Jail may begin such investigations by conducting a preliminary inquiry or review into the allegations to determine whether further investigation is necessary and whether the allegations should be referred for an administrative or criminal investigation. The Sheriff will assign a person to complete this preliminary review into the allegations.  After the assigned employee has finished the review of the incident, he/she will advise the Jail Administrator of his/her findings and whether or not further investigation is necessary.

The Jail Administrator will arrange for further investigation, when needed, by contacting the appropriate investigators.

The employee assigned to do the initial investigation will write a detailed report on his/her findings and recommendations.

The Owyhee County Jail will ensure that allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment are referred for investigation to an agency with the legal authority to conduct criminal investigations unless the allegation does not involve potentially criminal behavior. The Sheriff will decide when the investigation will be handled by investigators of his/her agency or if the investigation should be referred to an outside agency. All referrals will be documented.  If the Jail decides not to refer an allegation for criminal investigation, that decision must be reviewed and approved by the Sheriff or his/her designee.

If an outside entity conducts criminal investigations, the Owyhee County Jail will cooperate fully with the investigation by providing access to the suspect, victim, witnesses and necessary staff. The Jail will also provide a secure room for the investigator to conduct the interviews and paperwork.

The outside entity conducting the criminal investigation will be asked to comply with the rules of the facility and the PREA standards. All requests to the outside entity will be documented.

Once the investigation is completed, the outside entity will be asked to meet with the Sheriff to give a full report of the outcome of the investigation and recommendations for prosecution.


This database is updated Monday through Friday between 6:00 a.m. and Noon, excluding holidays. Not all changes in the status of the warrants will be reflected here. Always verify that a listed warrant is active by sending a hit confirmation or calling the Owyhee County Sheriff’s Dispatch at (208) 495-1154, option 2.

This list contains people with valid arrest warrants through the Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office and Homedale Police Department for traffic or criminal offenses. Persons having warrants are subject to arrest upon contact by law enforcement officers. However, all warrants and their extradition must be confirmed prior to arrest. Misdemeanor warrants are only extraditable within the state of Idaho, and not all misdemeanors are extraditable statewide.

CAUTION: Misuse of warrant information may subject you to civil or criminal liability. Only peace officers can arrest on a warrant. Information contained in this warrant list should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. If you know the location of a wanted person, do not take action on your own. To report the whereabouts of a wanted person, call the Owyhee County Sheriff’s Dispatch at (208) 495-1154, option 2. Please be prepared to report the exact location of the wanted person.


Active Warrants

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Jail Roster
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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 128
Murphy, ID 83650

20381 State Highway 78
Murphy, ID 83650

Phone: 208-495-1154

Sheriff Larry Kendrick

Chief Deputy Steve Crawford

James Vincent, Jail Administrator

Kenneth Hoagland, Patrol Sargent

Brook Russell, Civil Deputy