If someone has hurt you and they are arrested, they may be issued a no contact order as a condition of their release from jail. The no contact order is issued as a condition of bond when a person is charged with domestic assault or battery, stalking, or violation of a protection order. The no contact order will vary depending on the judge’s instructions. At the least, it will order the person not to have any contact with you, the victim. Report any type of contact immediately. The no contact order may also order the arrested person to stay away from you, your children, your place of work and your children’s schools. You should not attempt to contact the arrested person either.

Violation of the no contact order is a misdemeanor for which the violator may be arrested without a warrant. When arrested under this circumstance, the violator will not be permitted to bond out of jail before he/she sees a judge.

The purpose of the No Contact Order is for you to have time to get the help you need to stop the cycle of violence. The No Contact Order gives you time to ask for a temporary protection order from the Magistrate Court.


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