Idaho Code 18-3302 allows the Sheriff of each county to sell Concealed Weapons Permits to Idaho Residents that qualify. Initial and renewal permits are issued in Murphy. If you want to renew your permit you can contact Bev White at the Sheriff’s Office in Murphy and an application can be sent to you in the mail or you can obtain the form from the forms section and mail it with the renewal fee to:

Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Bev White
P.O. Box 128
Murphy, Idaho 83650
(208)495-1154 Ext. 104

A permit is good for 5 years from the date of issuance.

Costs for permits are:
Initial Application – $56.10
Renewal – $37.85
Expired between 90 and 180 days – $47.85
Duplicate – $15.00

After filling out the application it generally takes 8-9 weeks before the license is actually issued and approximately 2 weeks on a renewal.


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 128
Murphy, ID 83650

20381 State Highway 78
Murphy, ID 83650

Phone: 208-495-1154

Sheriff Larry Kendrick

Chief Deputy Steve Crawford

James Vincent, Jail Administrator

Kenneth Hoagland, Patrol Sergeant

Brook Russell, Civil Deputy