Mormon Crickets Complaints

To file a complaint regarding Mormon crickets with the Department of Agriculture, click on the link below.  At the bottom of the web page, click on the center black box and it will launch the complaint form.  Fill in the appropriate information and an agent from the Department will reach out to you to complete the process, so be sure to enter an appropriate contact number.  Owyhee County does not distribute bait or insecticide.

This program has the following requirements:

  1. Crickets must be present on your property. This is not a preventative program.

2. Property must be 5 acres or more AND is agriculture use (rangeland, pasture or crops).

3. Private small lot homeowners can purchase chemical at a local farm and garden store. Look for insecticides containing carbaryl as the active ingredient.

Mormon Cricket Biology & Management Information

Mormon Cricket Informational and Complaint Website