Community Development

Community Development

The mission of the Community Development Department is to provide excellent service to citizens and other interested parties every step of the way. We understand that navigating zoning codes and ordinances can be overwhelming sometimes, but we are here to help any way we can.

Owyhee County has adopted land use zones to plan for the future of development in our community. Those zones include Agricultural, Commercial, Historic, Industrial, Multiuse, and Residential. The residential zones are where we have planned for higher density residential development. The Multiuse zones allow for residential use, commercial uses, and agricultural uses. The residential and multiuse zones are located closer to public services and where development will be  focused including dwellings with small scale accessory agricultural use. Agriculture is the economic base of Owyhee County and provides the livelihood of many of our citizens. The Agricultural zone is set aside for large scale working landscapes protected from residential development and other conflicting land uses.

We may not always give you the answer you want to hear, but we will do our best to make sure your experience with us is as pleasant and efficient as possible. The Community Development Department has limited staff and we spend a great deal of time meeting with citizens and developers on various projects. Please call ahead to set up a time to meet with us so that we can be sure to have dedicated time set aside to talk with you about your project or property. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to working with you.


The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold public comment meetings over the next several months to get input from citizens and landowners concerning the current and future zoning of portions of the county between Marsing and Sinker Creek. The input from these meeting will help shape the future land use planning in the county. We value your input and participation in this process. Watch this page for the latest information. Please see the maps and documents below for more information.

Marsing to Sinker Area Survey Results as of August 28, 2019

Documents and maps for August 28, 2019 public meeting

Information mailed to interested parties for August 28, 2019 meeting

Marsing to Givens proposed zones

Givens to Sinker Map

Marsing to Sinker Creek Map

Focus area showing conditional use permits

Documents from 11/14 meeting

November 14, 2018 Notice of Public Meeting

Proposed Whole Area

Proposed Marsing Area

Proposed south of Marsing

Proposed Givens to Murphy


9-26-2018 Public meeting legal notice

September 26, 2018 Agenda

September 6, 2018 Letter

Area south of Marsing

August 7, 2018 letter to landowners

Focused Area Map

Survey – Marsing to Murphy

Public Comment Form – Marsing to Murphy



Mary Huff –  Administrator

Tiffany Tuttle – Administrative Assistant – Planner


Planning & Zoning Commission

  • Rich Curtis
  • Scott Jensen – Chair
  • Chad Nettleton – Vice Chair
  • Bob Thomas
  • Dean Young

The Planning and Zoning Commission generally meets the 4th Wednesday of each month. Times and dates may be changed due to holidays or commissioner availability. All meetings are open to the public and we welcome your attendance.


Agenda for upcoming P&Z meeting

11-20-2019 Agenda

11-20-2019 Legal Notice

Hearing Procedures

Map of Owyhee County

Plans, Codes, Regulations

P & Z Forms


Administrator, Mary Huff

Mary Huff – Administrator

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 128
Murphy, ID 83650

County Annex Building
17069 Basey Street
Murphy, ID 83650

Phone: 208-495-2095 ext. 2
Fax: 208-495-2051

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