Owyhee County 4-H

We are proud of our 4-H program in Owyhee County! Many of our former 4-H’ers have returned to be leaders and help us continue this great tradition. Check out all the projects we offer on the Animal, Non-Animal and Cloverbud pages! The goal of the 4‐H Youth Development Program is to provide opportunities for young people to develop responsibility and leadership skills, improve their public speaking ability and gain self‐confidence. 4‐H’ers learn by participating in individual project efforts, working with other club members and devoting time to community service.

Owyhee County Fair & Rodeo

In 2017, we are celebrating “100 Years of Tales and Trails at the Owyhee County Fair and Rodeo!” Join us, August 7-12, to celebrate this historic event! Events kick off Monday morning with the 4-H Horse Show. All other 4-H and FFA and Open Class events begin on Wednesday and come to an end Saturday with the Owyhee County Junior Livestock Sale at noon. And be ready for so many exciting events in between!

2017 Owyhee County Fair Results:

4-H and FFA Sheep Show

4-H Cloverbuds

4-H Armory Exhibit Hall

4-H and FFA Goat Show

4-H Fair Horse Show

4-H Record Books


  • $4 for Cloverbud (ages 5-7)
  • $11 for Junior (ages 8-10), Intermediate (11-13), Senior (14-18)
  • $14 for those taking the Horse project in  Junior (ages 8-10), Intermediate (11-13), Senior (14-18) divisions
  • Youth enroll at idaho.4honline.com on or before March 1, and must re-enroll each year.
  • Leaders and Advisors re-enroll each year at idaho.4honline.com before March 1.

Regardless of the number of clubs in which youth are enrolled, they only need to pay one enrollment fee each year. 4-H age is your age on January 1. Please pay your dues to your leader and your leader will review their club list with us and pay dues, payable to Owyhee County Extension, no later than March 1. Owyhee County 4-H does not charge an enrollment fee for our leaders.

Club Forms

Member Forms

Record Books

Oral Presentations

  • How to Sign up for Oral Presentations:   https://youtu.be/aqd5xBZ1CkI
  • How to Sign up for Oral Presentations:   written instructions
  • Speak up with Confidence. This publication is designed to help you prepare for your Oral Presentation by providing tips in the following areas:  1. Putting Parts of a Presentation Together; 2. Planning and Organizing a Presentation; 3. Types of Presentations; 4. Using Multimedia; 5. Mechanics of Presenting; 6. Getting Your Message Across with Posters; 7. Creative Hooks; 8. Food Demonstrations; and, 9. Using Live Animals in Presentations.


Owyhee County 4-H Event & Activity Scholarships. These scholarships are available to Owyhee County 4-H members to attend 4-H events such as Know Your Government (KYG) Conference, Teen Conference, 4-H Camp, Animal Clinics and other 4-H activities. We also can provide scholarships for 4-H dues or materials.  The scholarship funds are raised primarily from the 4-H Food Booth at the Owyhee County Fair. The Scholarship Committee reviews and awards the scholarships. Don’t forget to sign up to work in the 4-H Food Booth at the Fair next year! These funds are for you!         Activity Scholarship Application

Owyhee County 4-H College Scholarships. We are proud to offer college scholarships for Owyhee County 4-H youth in memory of individuals who gave countless hours to our 4-H program.

  • Celia Tindall Memorial College Scholarship. Celia was a 20-year leader of the Bruneau Canyon 4-H Club and served as the Sheep Superintendent at the Owyhee County Fair for many years. She lost her hard-fought battle with cancer, but not before she had influenced the lives of many young people in our county. Celia was a teacher and encouraged many to further their education. 4-H members and leaders thought it appropriate to establish a college scholarship in honor of this great leader and friend.
  • Mary Lootens Memorial College Scholarship. Mary was a 4-H leader in Owyhee County for over 30 years. After she retired as a leader, she was still involved and supportive of our youth by serving on the Owyhee County Fair Board. Mary was Grand Marshall of the parade at the Owyhee County Fair in 2015, and passed away in December. She instilled her love of 4-H not only in her children and grandchildren, but was able to enjoy watching her great-grandchildren participate as well. We are proud to establish a 4-H college scholarship in memory of Mary.
  • College Scholarship Applications are DUE to the Extension Office no later than April 15

Taylor Sauer Owyhee County Fair Memorial Scholarship



2017 Owyhee County Fair
Camper Space Application

2017 Owyhee County 4H & FFA Weigh-in Schedule and Requirements

July 15 – 4-H & FFA Fair Entries and sign-ups for 4-H Record Book Interviews CLOSE
August 7-8 – Owyhee County Fair 4-H Horse Show
August 9-12 – Owyhee County Fair!
August 12 – Owyhee County Junior Livestock Sale



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